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St. Louis Pharmaceutical Drug Litigation Attorneys

When pharmaceutical manufacturers take shortcuts during the creation and production of the drugs they are producing, serious and life-threatening injuries can occur. At The Roberts Law Firm P.C., we have a team of trial attorneys who are thoroughly experienced at taking drug companies to court in order to hold them responsible for their negligent actions. If you or a loved has been injured by dangerous medications, we can help.

Our dedicated team will analyze your case and help you choose what path is best for your family. Contact our Missouri law firm to learn about your options today in a free initial consultation.

Dangerous Medications and How a Missouri Lawyer Can Help You

Our St. Louis area attorneys are familiar with many types of dangerous medications, including:

It is up to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to monitor medications and ensure that companies are adequately testing their products in order make certain pills and other drugs are safe for the public. This agency can become extremely overworked and cannot possibly catch every shortcut that drug companies are taking. When this happens, you need an experienced pharmaceutical drug litigation lawyer in your corner who will protect your rights at all costs.

Thorough Investigation and Sophisticated Methods

At our St. Louis area law firm, we extensively investigate your pharmaceutical injuries. You can rely on us to gather the evidence that is material to your claims quickly and effectively. Our lawyers also work with experts in the field, such as doctors, biotech scientists, co-counsel and professionals in order to build the most credible and efficient case we can.

Contact a St. Louis Attorney for Assistance With Your Drug Lawsuit

To speak with a St. Louis, Missouri, pharmaceutical drug litigation lawyer, contact our law firm for a free initial consultation. Call us at 636-530-9199, toll free at 866-585-4570, to speak with an advocate today.

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