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WHAT IS lexapro®?

Lexapro® is an antidepressant belonging to the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs. Lexapro® is the brand name for the drug escitalopram, developed by Forest Laboratories and approved by the FDA in 2002. It is widely prescribed for treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) and general anxiety disorder (GAD).

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Both depression and anxiety are common psychological conditions that adversely affect millions of people in the United States. Lexapro® is prescribed to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain.

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According to the FDA, the antidepressant drug Lexapro® commonly produces many side-effects in its users including nausea, sleepiness, weakness, dizziness, feeling anxious, trouble sleeping, sexual problems, sweating, shaking, not feeling hungry, dry mouth, constipation, infection, and yawning.

Harmful side-effects of Lexapro® include heart defects, hole in heart, cleft lip/palate, club foot, craniosynostosis, pulmonary hypertension in newborns, limb defect/genital
defect, anal atresia, abdominal defect/omphalocele, atrial septal defect,
ventrical septal defect, tetralogy of fallot, transposition of the great
arteries, hypoplastic left/right heart syndrome, and pulmonary stenosis.

Other side effects in children and adolescents include birth defects, increased thirst, abnormal increase in muscle movement or agitation, nose bleed, difficult urination, heavy menstrual periods, and possible slowed growth rate and weight change.

Multiple studies in the past decade have suggested that Lexapro® and other SSDIs may be the cause of some birth defects. One study focused on newborns with persistent pulmonary hypertension (PPHN), “a serious and life-threatening lung condition that occurs soon after birth of the newborn,” the FDA states. “In this study PPHN was six times more common in babies whose mothers took an SSRI antidepressant after the 20th week of the pregnancy compared to babies whose mothers did not take an antidepressant.”

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Drugmakers have enthusiastically promoted Lexapro® as an effective treatment for depression and anxiety. As a result Lexapro® has become one of the most popular prescription antidepressants in the United States. Sales of the drug topped $355 million in 2011.

News of a study linking Lexapro® to serious birth defects and a huge settlement with the U.S. government over improper marketing leaves many questioning whether Lexapro® became so popular because the public wasn’t made aware of its risks.

A large number of the Lexapro® birth defects lawsuits in the United States have been consolidated in Missouri Judicial Circuit 19 in Cole County, Missouri. Lexapro® birth defects lawsuits allege that the use of these antidepressants by pregnant women causes birth defects, but also that Forest Laboratories, Inc., the maker of Lexapro®, knew of the danger and failed to appropriately warn expectant mothers. The birth defects alleged to have been caused by Lexapro® use include cardiac birth defects such as hypoplatic left heart syndrome, spina bifida, anencephaly, craniosynostosis, omphalocele and club foot as well as persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN).

Lexapro® birth defects lawsuits consolidated in Missouri are set to be the first trial in the country alleging the antidepressants caused birth defects when used by some pregnant women.

Litigation related to Lexapro® and birth defects is currently ongoing. Contact the Lexapro® drug litigation attorneys at The Roberts Law Firm for more information or to tell us about your case.

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We believe that if you or someone you love have suffered from a side effect of Lexapro® you should be fairly compensated for your damages. Men, women, children and their families have experienced life-altering consequences of taking Lexapro® and other SSRIs. Damages can include:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Permanent injuries
  • Medical bills
  • Loss in the Quality of Life
  • Potential Risk of Future Medical Complications
  • Increased Health Insurance Costs
  • Lost Wages

Due to both the alleged acts and failure to act on the part of the large drug companies that manufacture Lexapro®, many people who have suffered side effects were unaware that there were these risks.

The Lexapro® drug litigation attorneys at The Roberts Law Firm, P.C. would like to assist you in pursuing compensation for your injury or the injury of a loved one. We are currently evaluating claims on behalf of those who were prescribed Lexapro® and who may have suffered injury. We are representing injured parties on a contingent fee basis which means that there are no legal fees owed unless you are awarded compensation for your injury.

For a free, no obligation case review please call 866-585-4570 toll free or fill out our online contact form and we will contact you to answer any of your questions. If you or a loved one has experienced harmful side effects after taking Lexapro®, The Roberts Law Firm, P.C. may be able to help.

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