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Migraine drug deemed unsafe for pregnant women

Individuals who suffer from the debilitating migraine headaches are often forced to spend days in bed. Light and sound often exacerbate migraine symptoms and in many cases migraine sufferers are unable to participate in everyday normal activities. Thankfully, today there are prescription drugs available that can help control and alleviate migraine symptoms.

Depakote is one such prescription drug routinely prescribed to migraine sufferers. While highly effective at controlling the adverse side effects often experienced by those with migraines, the Food and Drug Administration recently warned that pregnant women should not take Depakote.

When pregnant, everything a mother ingests potentially impacts the development of an unborn baby. Pregnant women are often warned not to eat certain foods and take certain prescription and over-the-counter medications. Prior to the most recent FDA warning, Depakote was included on the FDA’s list of Category D drugs meaning it was deemed acceptable for use by pregnant women.

New research, however, proves that key ingredients used in Depakote may adversely impact an unborn baby’s brain and brain development, potentially resutling in a lower IQ. In fact, researchers belive that children born to women who took Depakote while pregnant may have IQs that are a full 10 points lower than they would have otherwise been.

The FDA has included Depakote to its list of Category X drugs which includes prescription medications deemed harmful to unborn babies. Women who are pregnant and have been taking Depakote should contact their healthcare provider to discuss potential options. Additionally, women who are planning to become pregnant should seek an alternative migraine medication.

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