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FDA findings lead to recall of diet pill

The diet or weight loss industry has been a strong one for decades and includes the manufacture and sale of many supplements that are said to aid weight loss. The delineation of these supplements as “natural” or “herb-based” and more are all different ways that the industry tries to promote their products as safe for consumers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitors these products to ensure consumer safety.

Recently, one such herbal weight loss supplement was recalled by the manufacturer after the FDA identified that it contained two different controlled substances. The FDA indicated that Bethel 30 was found to have both Sibutramin and Phenolphthalein and that they consider both to be unsafe. This drug recall is yet another in a line of many such recalls of weight loss drugs that have taken place over the years.

When drug developers and manufacturers use substances potentially harmful to the public, it is good to know that the FDA takes action. However, that unfortunately can happen after the product has been on the market, purchased and used. Drug regulation is a complex matter and must factor in the safety of consumers at all times.

Unfortunately, as part of an effort toward overall supplement and drug safety, sometimes people take harmful drugs and may incur a drug injury or other problem without knowing, before the problem is noticed by the FDA. In these cases, such as with the Bethel 30 supplement, people who have purchased a recalled drug may want to consult with an attorney experienced in this area to ensure they are protected and safe.

Source: Source: Pharmaceutical Business Review, “Bethel recalls weight loss pills over presence of unsafe ingredients,” June 13, 2013



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